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True Believers! Contributors to this site with Links

Contributing Sites, Stores, & People
Below is a list of sites, comic shops, and individuals that helped contribute to this index. Their efforts are much appreciated.

Brad Bradley
Brad has been a big help in tracking down the origin of the artwork on the Marvel Value Stamps. As we know from experience, that can be a fun, but also time-consuming, scavenger hunt. As Brad said himself, if the artwork is "from the interior of an issue, it's probably something like fifty times harder to locate," yet he has managed to find many stamps both in interiors and on covers. Impressive hunting skills, Brad -- thanks!

Lex Carson
Lex has made many contributions tracking down the orignal artwork used for the stamps -- including an amazing number which appeared as interior art; the most difficult quest of all! His impressive comics knowledge and complete runs of many titles have been a big help. Like us, Lex was one of those pre-teens cutting out the stamps, and had quite a collection in a photo album. In the past few years, he has set about replacing all the comics he previously defaced. Lex has also been a contributor to both the Star Spangled Site and Michael Kaiser's Stars and Stripes page, and generally goes by "Batroc" on the message boards. Thanks, Lex!

The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Home Page
This is a comprehensive and extremely entertaining index to Marvel Two-in-One. The Editor provides engaging plot synopses that don't contain spoliers, and even tracks the frequency of Clobberin' Time and Aunt Petunia references. The "Things of Interest" section includes everything from wry commentary to names of letter hacks who later achieved comics stardom (e.g., Kurt Busiek). Cover scans, issue ratings, and a good dose of humor round out the offerings and make this a "must visit" site for True Believers! The Editor has also been very kind in helping us fill out our issue checklists. Thanks!

gebeau31, eBay Power Seller
Our Stamp Book Tour (of the complete Series A book) appears courtesy of Court Gebeau, a friendly eBay Power Seller under the User ID gebeau31 who is a fellow (self-described) Obsessive-Compulsive Comics Fan!

Nathan K.
Nathan was kind enough to send along the photos of the original 1974 envelope, poster, and Series A Stamp Book! It's a true rarity to see all three of these items together. Thanks, Nathan! If you're interested in owning this set, you might want to email Nathan.

Dan Kacsir
Dan is the kind gentleman who provided the scans of a completed Series B Stamp Book -- a great addition. Dan has a mind-boggling Fantastic Four collection. Namely, a complete FF run, all of the known variants, a few hundred cross-overs, and more than 500+ FF collectible items, including the stamp books. WOW! Thanks, Dan!

Danny Koschok
Danny has been collecting Marvel Value Stamps since they originally appeared, and back then he had a Series B stamp book with ALL of the stamps! Although he no longer has that particular book, Danny has contributed a huge checklist of stamp locations from his former comic collection, and continues to provide additional listings as well as the locations of the original artwork. His collection was especially key in filling out our Series B issues checklist. And he was also responsible for putting us in contact with the gentleman who scanned the complete Series B Stamp Book for us. Thanks, Danny!

Mikal Vollmer
Mikal helped us out by providing scans of the last two pages of the Series B Stamp Book Tour (we didn't even know those pages existed previously), some of the color variants we have displayed in our non-comprehensive list, and info on how to tell the Shanna stamp from Incredible Hulk #181 from the others! Thanks, Mikal, you made our Series B Stamp Book tour at least 20% cooler!!!

Wayne M. ("Warlord" on the CGC Boards)
Wayne is a friendly MVS fan who continues to help with filling in our issues checklist, using both a list he had started compiling earlier and his ever-growing collection of issues. Thanks so much, Wayne!

Kevin M.
Kevin is another one of the kind folks who has been willing to pull out this Bronze Age long boxes and dig, dig, dig to help us fill in our issues checklist. Thanks for the help, Kevin!

Thomas Macintyre
Thomas has been collecting Marvel Value Stamps for many years and has a very extensive collection, including quite a number of doubles/extras both in and out of the issues. If you are interested in buying or trading Series "A" or "B" stamps, you might want to drop him an email! Thomas has been very generous in providing issues which contain variant colors. In addition, he allowed us to scan the Series B "puzzle" stamps we're displaying. He also has been a big help in filling out our Series A and Series B checklists. Thanks, Thomas!

Roger P. ("Metarog" on the CGC Boards)
Roger has been collecting comics for approximately 30 years. He has about 6,000 comics in his collection including most Bronze Age superhero Marvels along with some horror titles. He loves comics history and enjoys solving comics-related mysteries. He is currently involved in researching non-existent comics and Marvel Bronze Age variants, including 35-cent variants and Whitman/Direct Sale variants. Roger used to have a complete collection of MVS in a custom-made binder, but it was stolen by a neighbor and never seen again. Roger has helped track down the artwork source for many of the stamps, and has provided numerous scans as well. Thanks, Roger!

Federico Piccinini
Federico is a serious Marvel Value Stamp collector, based in Italy. Federico has been very helpful in providing both checklists of variant stamp colors, and scans of the variants as well! He has a "want list" of stamps he's still seeking, so contact him directly at the email above if you're looking to trade or sell some stamps. He's also interested in unused Series A and B stamp books. Thanks for the help, Federico!

The Scoop Newsletter
The Scoop is a free e-newsletter where, as they say, "the magic of collecting comes alive". The Scoop is sponsored by Gemstone Publishing and Diamond International Galleries and is chock full of interesting articles and links. They were also kind enough to name the MVS Index a "Savvy Site." (August 22, 2003) And any newsletter that refers to our site as "sublime" is a True Believer in our book! Browse on over and sign up for free!

Silver Age Unlimited -- angelsegg, eBay Power Seller
Click here for his eBay "About Me" page
Our Marvelmania decal set is courtesy of eBay Power Seller, angelsegg. Silver Age Unlimited is a great source for Marvelmania, MMMS, Silver Age Marvels and more. So if you're interested in items like this, you should definitely check out his listings, and sign up for his weekly email!

Stories Comics
(804) 275-9194
Located at 4010 Meadowdale Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia, Stories has an extensive and well-organized back issue collection, with healthy heapings of Bronze Age comics. The vast majority of the stock is neatly bagged and boarded, but there are also numerous "reading copies" contained throughout at bargain prices -- perfect for the obsessive Marvel Value Stamp collector.

Thwip! fanzine
Ivan A. Martin
Ivan is the man behind Thwip!, a fanzine devoted to all comic books, with a special emphasis on comics featuring Spider-Man. Thwip! contains reviews of new and classic Spider-Man issues, as well as reviews of other new comics, interviews, original art, and more. Ivan has been running photocopies of the completed Series B puzzle stamps in his zine, so MVS fans should check it out, too! Ivan has been generous in sharing information, particularly about Series B stamps. Thanks, Ivan!

Tony of Tony's Trading
Tony's Trading website is dedicated to swaps, and also displays Tony's fascinating and extensive collection of UK Hardcover Annuals, toys, and more. (Not everything is available for sale/swap, so read carefully.) Tony's site has a plethora of extremely interesting cover scans. Thanks to Tony for permission to use his Marvel Annual scans for our Series B Hulk puzzle artwork page.

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